The Charming libraries are broken down into the following feature areas:-
Y - Part of the Charming Apps project
P - Planned for a future release
B - Built into the platform

Library WP 8.0 SL 8.1 Win 8.1 WP 8.1 Win 10 iOS Android
Package (InTheHand.ApplicationModel) Y Y B B B Y P
Calls (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Calls) Y Y Y B B Y P
Email Compose (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Email) Y B Y B B P P
SMS Compose (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Chat) Y B Y B B P P
Search (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Search) Y Y B Y
Share (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer)
* Sharing Y B B B
* Clipboard Y Y B Y * B Y Y
Resources (InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Resources) Y Y B B
DevicePicker (InTheHand.Devices.Enumeration) P P Y B
Battery (InTheHand.Devices.Power) B Y B P Y
Display (InTheHand.Graphics.Display) Y Y B B B
Camera Capture (InTheHand.Media.Capture) B** B** B P B
Network Information (InTheHand.Networking.Connectivity) B B B B P
NFC (InTheHand.Phone.Nfc) Deprecated - use Sharing instead Y Y B B
EAS (InTheHand.Security.ExchangeActiveSyncProvisioning) B B B B P
Settings (InTheHand.UI.ApplicationSettings) Y Y B Y
About (InTheHand.UI.ApplicationSettings.About) Y Y Y Y
Popups (InTheHand.UI.Popups) Y Y B B B P P
ProgressRing (InTheHand.UI.Xaml.Controls.ProgressRing) Y Y B B B
Storage (InTheHand.Storage)
* ApplicationSettings Y B B B B Y P
* StorageFolderExtensions Y Y B Y
Tasks (InTheHand.Phone.Tasks) B B Y
Web Authentication (InTheHand.Security.Authentication.Web) Y Y B B B

* Requires Clipboarder app
** CameraCaptureTask is an equivalent Silverlight API

Object Model Documentation

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