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The InTheHand.ApplicationModel namespace contains classes for interrogating the application metadata at runtime. The Windows API equivalent - Windows.ApplicationModel.Package does not support all of the properties on Windows Phone so this implementation is an alternative which follows the same API but parses the WMAppManifest.xml file contained in your XAP package.

Package Properties

  • Capabilities - Combination of members of the Capabilities enumeration. Unique to Charming ApplicationModel
  • Description
  • DisplayName
  • Id
    • Author
    • FullName
    • Name
    • ProductId
    • Publisher
    • PublisherId
    • Version
  • InstallDate
  • InstalledLocation
  • IsBeta - Identifies packages distributed as a Beta Unique to Charming ApplicationModel
  • IsDevelopmentMode - Identifies packages which are side-loaded
  • Logo - Uri to package icon. This is the 100x100px app icon Windows 8.1
  • PublisherDisplayName

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