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The InTheHand.ApplicationModel.Search namespace contains functionality to enable string searching within your application. It is designed to match Windows.ApplicationModel.Search as closely as possible.

In 8.1 voice search is available if your app declares the Microphone and Speech Recognition capabilities and the device language has a default speech recogniser available. In this case the search box will contain a Microphone icon which when tapped will display the speech UI.

The current release doesn't support app specified suggestions, these are planned for 8.2

Windows Phone has no shell charms bar so to launch the search functionality you need to provide an entry point within your app e.g. an ApplicationBar icon or menu entry which calls SearchPane.Show(). From v8.1 the NuGet package includes a default search appbar icon for your app.

As there is no separate charms bar in the shell the search box is implemented as a transparent popup above your UI. This is the same as built in apps such as email and contacts. The control hooks the back button to dismiss the popup. As on Windows 8/RT you provide the action to handle displaying search results. From v8.1 this box supports screen rotation to all available orientations.



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