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The InTheHand.UI.ApplicationSettings namespace contains support for an extensible Settings dialog in the same vein as the Settings charm on Windows 8/RT. The functionality matches Windows.UI.ApplicationSettings as closely as possible.

From v8.2014.3.21 a new option has been added for internally published apps to hide the publisher name derived from the app metadata. Most developers wont want to do this but you can hide this from the Settings and Permissions pages by setting the following setting in IsolatedStorageSettings or LocalSettings if using Charming Storage:-

Set a boolean value of false to hide the "By Publisher Name" line. The default setting is to show this and the setting is not present.

As with Windows Store apps the default Settings screen includes links to Permissions that the app has been given (extracted from your package metadata) and a Rate and Review link to provide store feedback.

The Settings component depends on Package for package meta-data and Popups for some share classes.


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