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Charming Share


The InTheHand.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer namespace contains functionality to allow sharing from your Silverlight 8.0 app. This represents a subset of the Windows.ApplicationModel.DataTransfer namespace in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Blog: A Trip around Charming Share

There is no support for building a share target, the built in functionality supports OS provided functionality such as Messaging (SMS), Email, Social Networks (Facebook/Twitter) and NFC. Additional targets are available when sharing images as this supports registered PhotoExtra apps.


When sharing Uris this library can make use of NFC (Tap and Send). You must add the Proximity capability to your app to use this on Windows Phone 8.0. The Share page supports orientation changes in v8.1 for consistency with the OS implementation.

Due to an API limitation in image sharing the code must copy your image to the user's Pictures library to share it. There is no way to delete the created file programmatically so only the user can remove the file used. If you use the DataPackage.SetBitmap(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.Picture) method then the code will work directly with the picture in the library and no copy is created.

When running on Windows Phone 8.1 the library (as of 8.2014.5.19) will automatically "light-up" and use the OS Share functionality which means that other third-party share targets will be automatically available.


Charming Share also provides a Clipboard API which matches the Windows 8.1 API. For Silverlight 8.0 and 8.1 apps this wraps the native Clipboard, for Windows Phone 8.1 AppX this ties up with the Clipboarder app to support passing text to the clipboard.

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